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Young Business Achievers

As part of the Northern Business Achievement Awards (NBAA) ongoing commitment to the advancement of young people and to the achievement of business excellence, the NBAA wishes to recognise the achievements of young people, 25 years or under, working in local businesses or who are residents of Melbourne's northern region. These Young Business Achievers are nominated from within the boundaries of the NBAA Breakfast Host Council. 

The following Young Business Achievers have received the award for their outstanding attitude, endeavour and contribution to their company and fellow employees. Recipients receive a certificate and a small prize in recognition of their achievement.

If you would like to nominate a person 25 years or younger for this award, please contact your local Council Economic Development Team.


  • 2017

  • NBAA September 2017 :: Anthony Gatt, Anthony Master of Massage (City of Whittlesea Recipient)

  • NBAA September 2017 :: Rhiana Spinoso, Kaygees Gymnastics (City of Darebin Recipient)

  • NBAA June 2017 :: Monica Vedar, Brauz (Moreland City Council Recipient)

  • NBAA June 2017 :: Dan Pask, Event Plants (Nillumbik Shire Council Recipient)

  • NBAA March 2017 :: Chloe Morriss, Circular Food (Hume City Council Recipient)

  • NBAA March 2017 :: Peter Owen, Dolphin Products (Banyule City Council Nominee)

  • 2016

  • NBAA September 2016 :: Samantha Frances, Gymsports Academy of Movement & Excellence (City of Whittlesea Recipient)

  • NBAA June 2016 :: Tiffany Sacco, Property Manager, Leading Real Estate Sunbury (Hume City Council Recipient)

  • NBAA June 2016 :: Dean Apostolopoulos, Product Manager, Merino & Jumbuck (Moreland City Council Recipient)

  • NBAA March 2016 :: Daniel Rogers, CH James (City of Darebin Recipient)

  • NBAA February 2016 :: Sean Porter, Instabooth (Banyule City Council Recipient)

  • 2015

  • NBAA December 2015 :: Victoria Petropoulos, Chocolate Lily Hair and Beauty (City of Whittlesea Recipient)

  • NBAA September 2015 :: Morgan Ranieri, Your Grocer (Moreland City Council Recipient)

  • NBAA September 2015 :: Daniel Ramaekers, Forte Plumbing (Nillumbik Shire Council Recipient)

  • NBAA June 2015 :: Alex Sibbison, Masterworks Media Productions (City of Banyule Recipient)

  • NBAA June 2015 :: Kimberley Lane, People (Hume City Council Recipient)

  • NBAA March 2015 :: Ror Akot, Ror (City of Yarra Recipient)

  • NBAA March 2015 :: Kate McLean, Mary Mary Studio (City of Darebin Recipient)

  • 2014

  • NBAA December 2014 :: Samantha Gunn, KMR Safety First (Nillumbik Shire Council Recipient)

  • NBAA September 2014 :: Brent Schwennesen, EnerMech (Moreland City Council Recipient)

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